Zombie paintball shoot
Zombie Paintball Shoot Book in NOW!
This event is a spooky zombie survival themed target range, lit up with UV lights. The shooting stage will be covered so the participants are dry if it decides to rain. Each game will feature pop up zombies, targets and live zombies that will try to overrun your position unless stopped. The game will feature flashing lights, smoke, zombies and jump scares. For this reason the event may not be suitable for young children. No participants will be shot at with paintballs at this event, it is a shooting range only.
Available date are the Friday 25th of October or Friday the 1st of November.
The time slots for booking are 5pm, 6pm and 7pm
The price for entry is £15 including 200 UV reflective paintballs.
A deposit of £10 per person is needed to secure your place.
This can be paid via BACS or Paypal
There will be 4 shooting sessions in an hour and you can play as many as you wish in that time.
If you think you may be extra trigger happy, you can buy extra UV reflective paintballs on the day at £7 per 100 or £30 for a bag of 500
Places are very limited at a maximum of 12 players per session on a first come first serve basis.





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We play the walkons once every month or so. The game areas are changing all the time and we look forward to playing the new areas once they are completed. Great paintball community and a great team.

Ati Rye

Team PUPS train at On Target Games using the Sup-Air arena. Currently competing in the CPPS championships this is our home site and the best in the area for any kind of tournament paintball. The guys at On Target Games really look after us.

James Wheatley

To the team at On Target Games, thank you very much for such a great day. My son enjoyed your tournament open day and will surely be returning with friends during the summer.

John Pearson

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On Target Games is on TripAdvisor!
On Target Games is on TripAdvisor!

On Target Games is now on TripAdvisor! If you have played at one of our friendly walk-on games or booked in with us then please review us on TripAdvisor. The more reviews we receive, the more people can find us on Tripadvisor!

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