Great news!

We are pleased to announce we are now open for bookings for dates after the 6th of July.

Whilst closed we have been working to re-build several gaming areas ensure we have all procedures in place to protect our staff and customers.

    • All of our staff have attended training in regards of Covid-19.
    • Our safe area tables have been limited to 4 players where groups are from different households.
    • Our Callington venue is limited to 20 players MAX per session and Newquay is limited to 30 per session.
    • Hand sanitiser will be made available in the safe area.
    • Enhanced cleaning for all common areas, touch points and toilets.
    • NO equipment will be shared by players and will undergo a deep clean process before being re used. No equipment will be re-issued on the same day.
    • When you arrive please park at least one meter away from the car next to you. Stay in your car until a member of staff asks you to hand over your completed registration documents and invites you to set up at your designated tables.
    • Observe social distancing at all times during your stay.
    • Make sure that you only use the equipment that has been issued to you.
  • Stay at home if you (or a member of your household) exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms.

Take advantage of our welcome back offer.

£20 will get you entry to our game areas, combat coveralls, thermal lens mask, lightweight semi auto paintball marker and 250 paintballs minimum 2 hours with 6 games to play.




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Only the best rental equipment
No need for extra upgrades!

We use the very best in paintball rental equipment.

You will be issued with thermal lens masks as standard and a modern light weight GoG paintball marker.

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We play the walkons once every month or so. The game areas are changing all the time and we look forward to playing the new areas once they are completed. Great paintball community and a great team.

Ati Rye

Team PUPS train at On Target Games using the Sup-Air arena. Currently competing in the CPPS championships this is our home site and the best in the area for any kind of tournament paintball. The guys at On Target Games really look after us.

James Wheatley

To the team at On Target Games, thank you very much for such a great day. My son enjoyed your tournament open day and will surely be returning with friends during the summer.

John Pearson

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On Target Games is on TripAdvisor!
On Target Games is on TripAdvisor!

On Target Games is now on TripAdvisor! If you have played at one of our friendly walk-on games or booked in with us then please review us on TripAdvisor. The more reviews we receive, the more people can find us on Tripadvisor!

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