On Target Games uses the very best equipment available.

Our main rental paintball marker fleet is made up of 2 markers.

The reliable and lightweight Gog emney semi automatic marker and the Planet Eclipse Emek marker. Both these markers are the very best you can get for a rental experience. No unreliable equipment or jamming markers to hamper your day. Every marker is tested, serviced and chronographed before the day begins to ensure they are in fully operational condition. If in the rare occasion that your marker should malfunction, our marshals are on hand with a spare, so you can swap out and get straight back into the action

We also have a few “special” markers for the birthday boy or girl or stag / hen to use if they wish. These are Tippmann Cronus markers and cosmetically different to the standard fleet, including a longer barrel, carry handle and stock, to give a more “Tactical” feel.

All our masks are top spec, fully inspected, cleaned and disinfected before being issued to our customers. They come with thermal lenses as standard to prevent fogging.

Everyone is issued with freshly laundered overalls as standard.

Magfed Loadout

Our magfed markers are Tippmann TMC M4 style. Robust and always ready for action. Magazine fed, you are issued with two 50 shot magazines for every game.

Every player is issued with a chest rig complete with pockets for holding extra mags, grenades and smokes.