The Wastelands

    Our scenario day covers all our game zones over our Post-Apocalyptic wasteland. Discover the heavily defended fort, the destroyed convoy, Nuka Cola shipments and avoid radioactive waste. Be a Vault Dweller trying to survive or a Gunner taking what you can by force. The story unfolds and the outcome of the battles will effect the story line. A struggle for survival, choose your side!

    All day Sessions start: 9:00 am, 4:00 pm
    Duration: 7 Hours (approx.) with a break for lunch
    Extra balls from just £5 per 100 when bought in bulk (2000)

    Full day sessions will run at least 8 game zones with 2 games in each area. We recommend 500 – 800 paintballs per person to last all day in combat.

    These scenario games include in game pyrotechnics. Grab a gun and come play