Paintball is an all weather sport. We will play in all conditions as long as it is safe to do so. However there are a few tips to follow if you wish to play in the “off season”

Despite what you may have heard, you can’t freeze paintballs! and even if you did manage to freeze them so they still stayed intact, they would not fire out the gun without turning to mush on exit. So the frozen paintball myth is just that, completely false.

Paintball in the snow can be great fun, especially when you can make snowballs to hurl at the enemy.

So here are a few tips to make paintball in winter a bit more fun…

  1. Wear gloves! Paintball in cold conditions can cause your fingers to become numb and impacts to the fingers can feel worse than in summer.
  2. Keep your paintballs warm, as we discussed above, you cant freeze paintballs and cold paintballs will not work as well, often bursting in the barrel as they become too fragile, your accuracy may also suffer. So either buy as you go (our paintballs are stored in a heated cupboard) use hand warmers, or insulate the paintballs with a warm coat.
  3. Fogging goggles! even with our thermal lenses on our masks, fogging goggles can become an issue if you get very hot when playing and the outside temperature is freezing, especially if you are wearing 5 layers under your overalls. Take it steady and remove excess layers if you become too hot.
  4. Wear suitable footwear. Boots with a good grip and ideally waterproof. Some of our game areas can become muddy and wet, also our quarry area can become slippery when icy conditions hit. Trainers are not a good idea.
  5. Have something hot to drink between games, we can provide tea and coffees throughout the day and you are welcome to bring your own flasks of hot soup or similar to keep you going.
  6. Enjoy it. On winters days you may be faced with a bit of rain, just get stuck in, get muddy and have fun!


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