Airsoft Walkons

Airsoft walk-ons are designed for airsoft players that already have their own equipment
£25 per person, and must be paid in advance
Over 16’s (enquire directly if under 16) and any under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult
Everyone must fill out a player registration form
Gates open at 9am and games begin at 10am sharp and we play until 2pm
BIO BB’s ONLY! strictly no plastic. A selection of BBs will be available on the day
HPA, green gas, co2 also available


Our next Fallout themed event is 17th march 2024 Click here for Facebook event


We currently do not have rental equipment available (Coming summer 2024)

What is included?

  • 4 hours of mission based game play
  • Tea and coffee all day
  • Free HPA refills if needed
  • Access to all game areas
  • Fully explained and marshalled games
  • Covered staging area
  • On site shop for supplies and equipment
  • Full site insurance and UKARA member venue

How to book?

To book a session you can fill out a booking enquiry using the link below. A pre-paid deposit of £15 per player is required to confirm your session.  Any balance outstanding is paid on the day.

Book here

Please be aware that players not showing on the day will forfeit any deposit. To cancel a session for a full refund we require a minimum of 48 hours notice, a credit note will be issued for cancelations under 48 hours, for any groups not showing on the day your deposit cannot be refunded.

What next?

Once your booking information is received we will send you deposit instructions and some information on your session. Once we have received your deposit, you will get an email confirmation with more details instructions and a player registration form. Having these filled out before you arrive will save you time during registration.


All RIF’s must pass Chrono: Tested with our chronograph, we will have a chart to adjust for different weights
AEG Limit: 350fps, no minimum engagement distance
​DMR Limit: 420fps, locked to semi-auto, minimum engagement distance of 15 metres. Use a sidearm for close combat
Sniper Limit: 500fps, minimum engagement distance of 35 metres. Use a sidearm for close combat
Pistol Limit: 350fps, Co2 pistols must go through chrono, no minimum engagement distance
“Bang Bang” or surrender rules are in use
Grenade kills are anything within a 3m radius unless solid cover is between the player and explosive device
All staff decisions are final, please play within the spirit of the game.
Any player found shooting above the FPS limit will be asked to leave the field and re-chrono. Anyone shooting above the limit a second time will be asked to leave the venue. Spot checks will be in place throughout the session using our own BBS, please do not swap to a heavier or lighter ball without re-checking your chrono reading.
Any abusive behaviour including bad language directed towards players or staff will result in ejection from the venue.

Be aware that parking is limited and other sessions may be running at the same time or before / after yours. Park where instructed and carpool where possible.

The United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) was formed in response to the 2006 Violent Crime Reduction bill to enable a safe method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms (RiF’s) to the UK Airsoft player market by confirming the eligibility of purchasers.

UKARA layer registration:

To become a registered airsoft player, you are required to take part in three games at the same UKARA registered game site over a minimum of two months, e.g. the third game being 56 days or more after the first.

You must be over 18 years of age, live within the UK and able to provide identification such as Passport, Drivers License or Bank Statement.

Ask us at On Target Games for a UKARA application form and we’ll assist you in how to become a registered member with us. Once a site membership processed, 3 skirmishes have been attended and a one-off yearly fee of £10 is paid you will obtain your UKARA number.

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