On Target Games is now open to Airsoft

On Target Games has recently run a couple of trial games of airsoft at our Callington site and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our players.

Although our site at Callington is small, which is not the usual airsoft lay out, the players have really enjoyed their days & are keen for us to open up to airsoft. We are a Covid secure site that takes the safety of our customers very seriously.

On Target Games Callington Airsoft

Do you play airsoft and looking for an exciting new ground to play on? Why don’t you check us out on one of our walk-ons or come along just for a free tea or coffee and a chat and see if it is for you.

Interested in the idea of airsoft or paintball but don’t know if you would like it or where to begin? Why not come along to one of our walk-ons and meet the friendly players, who can give you advice on how you can get started & what is involved. If you are interested but unsure our site may soon stock rental airsoft gear for you to hire so that you can give it a go with out any commitment.

A big thank you to Mad Momma’s Airsoft for their warm welcome and advice. Another fantastic local airsoft site, please check them out, we are all a friendly bunch who are helping each other grow in Cornwall!

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