How many paintballs will I use?

This is the most asked question we get. The answer is down to how many times the player is going to pull the trigger. We play an average of 6 games in a session. As a guide the average paint use per player is 400 – 600 paintballs, but that can vary depending on your budget and how you play the game.


Does paintball hurt?

Different people have different tolerances, but we say it doesn’t, kids as young as 11 play our standard recreational paintball every week without issue. We use quality equipment and all our paintball markers are regularly checked for correct velocity. we use quality fresh paintballs to ensure they break on target. We also operate a strict minimum shooting distance rule (3 meters) to keep everyone safe. Our overalls come with padded collars and we provide snoods for head, neck and ear protection. Gloves are not included but paintball gloves can be bought on site, or you can bring your own. If you are still unsure, we can provide body armour on request.


What times are the sessions?

Our sessions start at 10am or 1pm and we ask that you arrive at least 15 mins early to register and get kitted up. If you are late, the session may start without you and you will miss out on games.


I have VIP / Premium access tickets, how do I use them?

We accept all third party tickets, to use these, you will need to contact us with the reference number given on the ticket. Email us or use our booking page for more information. These tickets do require you to pay for your first 100 paintballs per person at a cost of £10 per player.


Will my group be split / mixed with other groups?

All groups above 3 players will be split into 2 (normally reds vs blues) and you will play with others booked in on that session. Adults will sometimes play in the same game as kids (all the paintball markers shoot the same velocity). If you wish for your group to be kept separate, it must be a group of 8+ and there is an additional charge of £50 for your own member of marshalling staff.


Are you in Newquay / how far are you from Newquay town?

We are the only paintball venue in Newquay, about 10 mins drive from Newquay town centre. If you book a taxi, make sure they follow the Google Maps directions to “On Target Games Newquay” and this will bring you directly to the site entrance. Postcodes do not give an accurate location.


Can I bring food?

You are more than welcome to bring food and use our picnic tables. Please be aware that if you are in an AM session, the area will need to be clear by 1pm to allow for the PM group to start. We do have soft drinks and snacks available to buy. Please be aware that no alcohol is the be consumed at the venue.  


Do you have grenades?

Smoke grenades, frag grenades and flashbangs are subject to availability (email to ask) and for use by over 18’s only.


Are you associated with Bedlam Paintball?

We are not associated with Bedlam Paintball and do not accept third party bookings from them. They do not own or operate a paintball site in Newquay, despite them advertising that they do.


Where is your Callington venue?

We are at the bottom of Axford hill to the South of Callington. The turning to the venue is set back, but there should be signs displayed by the entrance on game days. Please do not use the entrance to Lower Axford farm as it is not a through road. The track is uneven and not suitable for cars that have been lowered.


Can I leave my kids and pick them up later? Do I need to stay?

We ask that an adult stays with the group for at least the first few games to ensure they are all happy with playing paintball. Please make sure kids have enough paintballs to last the session. If you are just dropping off, let a member of staff know so you don’t get blocked into the carpark. Our staff do hold valid enhanced disclosure checks.


What happens if one or more of my group can’t make it on the day?

We ask for 48 hours written notice for any dates to be changed or refund processed. If a player does not show on the day, the deposit already paid is non refundable and any paint allocated to the player is void. This is to ensure we staff and equip the day to the correct number of people booked in for any session.