Magfed Paintball

Magfed Paintball

For those that have tried rental paintball and want something a bit different, we offer Magfed paintball! The cost is £65 per person and will include all the paintballs you need for the session.

Magfed paintball is strictly for over 18’s only

Armed with an M4 style combat marker, 2 loaded magazines (50 rounds) and a fist full of grenades you will work through various missions from a training area to strategic missions to seek and destroy the enemy’s supplies.

A session lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours This includes your safety brief and registration, so remember to arrive early so you can start in time. a minimum of 5 games will be played. Each game will last between 15 – 20 minutes and there will be breaks between.

There must be a minimum of 8 players to book a session. You may be able to join an existing booking if there is a session running on the day. All groups above 3 players will be split and mixed with others players on the day. If you require a private session we can provide your own dedicated marshal for an extra fee (enquire when booking)

You can bring your own food and use our picnic benches. There is free tea and coffee provided. Snacks and drinks can be bough from our on site shop.

Overalls are provided but we do not issue gloves or boots. The paint is non staining and washes out but wearing old clothes is recommended, bring suitable footwear. Armoured paintball gloves can be bought on the day at £12 a pair.

Sessions start at 9:30 am or 1:00 pm during our summer season April – September and 11am during the winter season October – March.

The safety brief takes about 15 minutes and all participants are required to listen and understand staff instructions. Staff will run, marshal and explain all the games and will be on-hand to keep the games fun and above all safe!

What is included?

  • Tippmann M4 style semi auto magfed marker
  • A thermal lens mask (no fogging), some sites offer fog resistant masks and thermal lenses as an additional upgrade, we issue these as standard, our staff clean your masks for you between games
  • Combat snood to protect your head and neck
  • Urban or woodland overalls with padded collars
  • Two 25 round magazines
  • Grenade pack consisting of 1 Frag, 1 Flashbang and a smoke
  • Air refills
  • Access to 5 games
  • Fully explained and marshalled games
  • Covered staging area
  • Full site insurance and UKPSF member venue

We do have an upgrade option for those that want extra firepower. £15 will get you an additional magazine per game, taking your total to 75 shots per game.

How to book?

To book a session you can fill out a booking enquiry using the link below. A pre-paid deposit of £10 per player is required to confirm a session. Minimum of 8 players needed. Any balance outstanding is paid on the day.

Book here

Please be aware that players not showing on the day will forfeit any deposit. To cancel a session for a full refund we require a minimum of 48 hours notice, a credit note will be issued for cancelations under 48 hours, for any groups not showing on the day your deposit cannot be refunded.

All booked sessions are open to other groups to book in, so people may join in your game session. Larger games with mixed abilities are more fun, but you may book a guaranteed insular session (Just your team) by paying an additional £55 to protect your session from additional players that are not part of your group booking in. This also may cover the cost of an additional member of marshalling staff if another separate group is booked in at the same time. Booking an insular game does require at least 7 days notice.

What next?

Once your booking information is received we will send you deposit instructions and some information on your session. Once we have received your deposit, you will get an email confirmation with more details instructions and a player registration form. Having these filled out before you arrive will save you time during registration.

Be aware that parking is limited and other sessions may be running at the same time or before / after yours. Park where instructed and carpool where possible.

What happens on the day?

Before any player is allowed to set foot in our game zones they must fill out a disclaimer and read all the rules of the day. This is followed by a verbal safety brief where a trained member of staff will run you through the rules and equipment. Groups will be split fairly into teams, you may be mixed in with other players! You will then collect your magazines, grenades and masks and enter the gun zone to collect your marker, here you will be able to load your magazine and test fire the markers before venturing out into the first game zone.

Each game zone will have its own set of rules and objectives, these will be explained before the game commences.

Games include a training mission where you get to grips with the equipment and work up to more complex scenarios. There will be 5 missions played in total.

After a game has been completed all players will return to the gun zone and hand back all their magazines and marker, once safety out of the gun zone you may remove your mask and place it in the mask cleaning station to be cleaned whilst you await freshly loaded magazines for your next game.

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