Rental Paintball

Very popular with stag, hen doos or birthday party’s and people that just want something a bit more interesting to do for a day out. Hire all the equipment you need to play. All games are marshaled by fully trained staff at our insured and UKPSF accredited paintball venue.

Here at On Target Games we are proud to bring you the best rental paintball experience possible. With over 20 years experience in the industry you are in safe hands. We believe that the best equipment will give our customers a paintball experience like no other.

Our guns are the best you can get and serviced every week, so no faulty guns or wobbly parts here! we do not offer gun ‘upgrades’ as we believe everyone should be given the best as standard.

Our masks come with thermal lenses and peaks and are cleaned between every game by our staff.

We choose quality paintballs for maximum fun, they explode on impact, not in your gun or hopper, they are less likely to bounce off targets meaning you can usually get that elimination. And to top it all, they are eco friendly too!

We run varied games in our themed game zones. The Castle, The Bridge, The Convoy, Flag Field and Scavenger Hunt.

Before any player is allowed to set foot in our game zones they must fill out a disclaimer and read all the rules of the day. This is followed by a verbal safety brief where a trained member of staff will run you through the rules and equipment. Teams are split into Reds and Blues, large groups will be split fairly, you may be mixed in with other players! You will then collect your paintballs, hoppers and masks and enter the gun zone to collect your marker, here you will be able to fit on your hopper and test fire the markers before venturing out into the first game zone.

Each game zone will have its own set of rules and objectives, these will be explained before the game commences.

Games include classics such as Attack / Defend the castle, Capture the flag, Hold the bridge etc.

Once the game is completed the area is reset and the teams will swap ends and play again (remember to bring enough paint to play 2 games)

After the 2 games in one zone are complete, all players will return to the gun zone and remove their hopper from the marker, once safety out of the gun zone you may remove your mask and place it in the mask cleaning station to be cleaned whilst you re load for your next game.

There will be a break between each set of games to rest, drink and purchase any more supplies for the games ahead. Depending on your booking, you may play as many or as few games as you like. Speak to your game marshals if you wish to play games with unlimited lives or other rules, as long as they stick by our safety standards.

We do not do stag or gauntlet runs at our site, but we traditionally play a “free for all” game after the last game zone has been played. Players can opt out of this if they wish.